Aloha Shola

Experience sacred journeys in Hawaii with Shola

On this journey we will share with you some of the most spectacular and sacred places on the Big Island of Hawaii to explore their immense and marvelous raw beauty.

The abundant Nature, complete with green,black, and white sand beaches, playful dolphins, orchids, mega flora, flowers, and waterfalls will become daily sightings.

Special adventures will allow us to experience the magic of snow capped Mauna Kea, and the active Kilauea volcano where you will literally witness the birth of new land.

Your program will include daily trips with alternating free days during which we will have space for meditations, purification rituals, herb baths, massage, painting, & celebration!

It will be a journey rich in new transformational experiences, big vistas, and big discoveries that will deepen your appreciation, connection and love of Nature that will help you to know yourself and your own nature
more deeply.

Transform an ancient dream into your present reality.


– Shola

Who is Shola?

In 1991, Shola began her personal healing journey in Italy, where she was an active student and teacher at acclaimed holistic healing center, SoleLuna.  During her 12 years at SoleLuna, Shola received certification in Trance Dance, Soul Hunting, Osho’s Meditation techniques and many other body, mind and spirit modalities.  Later, she became a graduate of 9 Gates skills at Mystery School in California.  Shola is experienced in fire walking, sweat lodge ceremonies, and other shamanic traditions, including Mayan, Aztec and Inca.  In 2003, she came to the Big Island and stayed  @ Kalani retreat center for a shamanic retreat facilitated.  Shola felt such a strong connection to the wildness of Puna, Hawaii that she quickly called it home.  She has found through inward exploration and external experiences that her best teacher is still and always Mother Earth.

Personal Approach and Philosophy

“Inside each of us is a master.  In order to know this master, we must spend time with it.”

Shola is a very curious being who craves and creates powerful experiences.  She fully believes that in order to change something in this world, we must be the change, first.  The healing practices that she offers focus on the journey inward, to nourish the Self from one’s center.  She believes an intimate relationship with one’s self takes willingness and practice to develop, as it is the most important relationship for us.

Through her shamanic modalities, Shola facilitates a reconnection of ancestral awareness and the natural environment in Puna Community and visitors.  This connection to the land holds healing beyond human capability, and once established, it can assist in transformational healing.

Shola feels blessed to be able to continue her life work and share her gifts on this island, where Mother Earth is so alive and vibrant.

Malama Pono


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